Frequently Asked Questions

I placed my order with the EFT / Money Order payment option, what should I do now?
For orders that you have placed by bank transfer, you must make a payment to the account number of the bank you selected on the Payment Information page within 3 business days. Orders that are not paid within 3 business days will be canceled by our store employees. For foreign payments, this period is 10 days due to the delays caused by the bank.

In order to check your orders faster, please do not forget to write the order number in the description section during the bank EFT / money wire payment process. When your payment reaches our accounts, it will be checked and approved by our customer representatives. Payments made to our bank account numbers from abroad are delayed due to problems arising from banks.

As soon as the payment you have made for your order appears in our accounts, your order will be approved and prepared according to the order of arrival and stock status of the products you have ordered.
If you have lost the bank account numbers in the Payment Information section, you can also access the relevant information on the Bank Account Numbers page.
In order to log in with the e-mail address you registered on our site, you have to activate your membership by clicking on the link in the activation email sent to you during membership. If this email address is a Hotmail, Gmail or similar account, it may have been filtered into the junk e-mail folder due to the security of these email hosting sites. If the email address with which you registered is a corporate email address, it may have been deleted before entering your inbox due to your company's security policies.

You can use the form below to send the activation email to yourself or press the "Login" button after entering your information in the "Login" section, and if your membership has not been activated, you can send it again by clicking the link.

Resend Activation Email If your membership is active, the email will not be sent.
After filling the defective return form you will download from the link below, ship the product to us with the original form and the invoice. When the product reaches us, it will be delivered to the Product Return Control Department for review. As a result of the review, you will be contacted via your contact information on the form. If there is a negative response from the Product Return Control department, the product will be shipped back to you.
The page where the products you select / you want to buy after signing in to our website is displayed in bulk. Before placing your order, you can add, subtract, and change the quantities in your shopping cart. If you exit the system, your basket will be emptied and it is therefore recommended that you add the products you will buy later to the "Products of Interest" section.

You can shop with bank transfers and credit cards from our site. If you choose to pay with credit card, your credit card information will be asked on the payment confirmation page to complete the order, but if your card has the 3D Security feature, you can complete your transaction and after entering your card information, you will be redirected to the 3D Security page of the relevant bank to complete the purchase.

If the 3D definition of your card has not yet been made, you should turn on the 3D Security feature of your card from the relevant bank’s web pages or through customer service. In the 3D Security environment, the shopping system is a system installed on our site in order to protect the card security of our fans and prevent transactions with stolen cards.

For your purchases, the payments you make with a credit card can be followed up if necessary and they can be made to wait for payment control.

Every transaction you make on our website is 100% safe. Our system is protected by the world-renowned security company Globalsign. Within the 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security, nobody can view or access your credit card number except for you. As soon as you enter your credit card number, the information regarding your number is encrypted and sent to the bank. It is not possible for your information to be displayed or accessed by third parties including our company. Your card information is only between you and the bank.

1) Just type a few letters of the product you are looking for from our in-site search engine available on our site and press the 'Search' button. In this way, you will have access to the product you are looking for quickly.

2) Or you can find the product you are looking for from the main category and subcategories you are interested in from the left menu. Our page has been carefully prepared by considering the brand, number of parts, feature, category and theme in the design basis.

Payments made from banks' ATMs are matched with orders by our store employees. After the payments you make in this way, you can write the order number given to you by on the receipt that the bank ATM has given to you in a legible way and fax it to 0 216 542 17 48-49 along with any identification document that will identify you to make your order quicker and easier to confirm.

In cases where any opening, deterioration, breakage, destruction, tearing, use and other conditions are detected in the product and its packaging, if the product cannot be returned as it was delivered to the customer, the product will not be returned and its price will not be refunded. Outside of these situations, the customer can reject the product and return it with the original invoice within 14 days from the date of receipt.

The return of products whose original invoice is not sent will not be accepted.

Except for defective products, product return shipping fees are borne by the customer, cash on delivery cargo will not be received. The return of products sold under the titles Outlet / End of Season / Sale Products are not accepted.

You do not need to take any action for the orders you have placed with your credit card. Information about the status of your order will be sent to your e-mail address.

Your order will be automatically approved and prepared according to the order of arrival and stock status of the products you ordered.

Orders that cannot be completed within 10 working days are delivered to the courier with a missing product(s) and the status of the order is converted to "Partial Delivery". Then, in line with your request, these missing products are sent to you by requesting them from the central warehouse or other stores, or these products are removed from the order and the amount returned to your credit card. In the case you choose to wait for the products to be in stock, you do not have to pay a second shipping fee, the fee of the related shipment will be covered by Fenerium.

For order cancellations, you can contact the e-commerce customer representative on the phone number +90 216 542 16 56/57 until 18:00 on the day you place the order, and if your product has not been delivered to the courier after confirmation of the order number and identity information for your security, your entire order will be returned to you using the payment method you used to purchase the product.

However, if your product has been shipped, order cancellation will not be possible. In this case, you must ship the product to us again after receiving it from the courier. Except for the return of damaged and defective products, shipment fees belong to the customer.

The products sold in Fenerium are under the guarantee of our company.

For electronic and watch products, you can make a request from our store employees for repair/replacement or you can request the repair/replacement of your products by contacting the supplier company with the contact numbers you request from our employees.

The products you order and pay for will be delivered to the courier within 10 business days, the products delivered to the courier will be delivered to the customer by the courier company within an average of 4 business days. For now, our only delivery method is by courier.
The delivery time of the products that are Sales and Outlet products varies according to the store location where the product is supplied. In this case, you can request that your order be delivered to the courier with missing products, we can ship your missing products to you in order to cover the shipping fee when it enters the stocks of our stores. In this case, your products will be converted to the "Partial Delivery" order status. Or you can request the cancellation of these products and we can send your order with the remaining products.
You can find where your cargo is on the Order Tracking page of our site by clicking on the cargo tracking number next to your order.

For international shipments, in accordance with the customs tax law of the country of shipment, the courier company may request customs tax upon delivery in addition to the money paid to us as product price, and  Fenerbahçe Spor Ürünleri San ve Tic. Aş. cannot be held responsible. The fee may vary according to the customs tax law of the country of shipment.